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skottie 60 samesame 65 times samesame 702930
dlopez 204 agashlin 53 times skottie 449583
dlopez 54 skottie 33 times agashlin 235566

welcome to the austin arcade

sometimes, you just need to relax. sometimes, you just need to escape. you may be a drug addict, or you could be playing video games online. and really, the choice is yours. so toss the crack pipe aside, throw away your rusty needles (you really should use clean ones), and pick up a new addiction. welcome to the austin arcade. compete with yourself, globally.

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as the arcade grows in size, waste even more of your time ditching your girlfriend to do what you do best, which is probably slacking off at work. we've all seen office space, just pretend you're busy.


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lacking goals and need someting to define your own progress? compete against yourself... next to everyone else on the internet. let the games begin.