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skottie 60 samesame 65 times samesame 702930
dlopez 204 agashlin 53 times skottie 449583
dlopez 54 skottie 33 times agashlin 235566


cubetris is a testament to the old java vs flash debate. but instead of arguing one way or another, let's let the capabilities stand for themselves. play or be played, bitches.

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who can master the block droppin' the best? this ain't a test, screw the rest. stop lookin' and start playin'. look at it this way, you are either delaying your triumph or you inevitable demise. the choice is yours.

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you are competing with yourself. globally. see how you are doing in comparison with your digital block buddies. do you evolve to the moment? this isn't tetris bitch. its cubetris. start paying attention in class.